Paul van der Donk ( 1976 Groenlo the Netherlands)

Paul van der Donk graduated in 2007 at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.     Working within the disciplines of graphic printmaking , painting and photography.

Repeating a theme returns within the works.

The repetition of recognizable patterns and structures of human and environment in every day life. Abstract works made with the leftovers of dried acrylic paint or wasted leftovers from shop are referring to theme 's such as recycling and other enviromental issues.

Repetition can bring reflection and knowledge

Inspiration for new works come by making collages and photograpy.

These collages and photo's can also be the final result.

Besides his work as an artist, Paul van der Donk has since 2012 been working as curator from the exhibitions at Wine & Art Studio the Hague ( Weimarstraat 24 A)